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How does it work?

Customized content. Realistic practice. Helpful feedback.

Step 1

Learn knowledge and skills

Quickly learn knowledge and skills in digestible pieces. Deepen your understanding through application examples tailored to you.

Step 2

Practice – it's as simple as a phone call

Dive into interactive scenarios specifically tailored to you and practice the crucial elements of new skills.

Step 3

Get Feedback and improve continuously

Get direct feedback for each practice, understand what went well and how you can do better. Then repeat with one click.

Why is Fioro different?

Coaching. At your command.


Learning. By doing.

Learn new skills and concepts by practicing them in an interactive, guided manner that you usually only experience in personal coaching.

On Demand & Pressure-free

Available anytime. At your own pace.

For Fioro, you don't need an appointment. Your virtual soft skill coach is available whenever and wherever you need them, at your own pace.

For Everyone

High quality. Made affordable.

We think soft skills are essential for success at any workplace. Therefore, it shouldn't be only available to those who can afford 1:1 coaching.


Individual content. Tailored to you.

Share what you feel comfortable with to make your lessons fully personalized. Practice what you need to reach your professional goals.

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Frequently asked questions


What is Fioro?


Fioro is an AI-driven solution offering a personalized way for professionals to master valuable soft skills. Our platform allows any professional to access top-notch coaching without being constrained by the availability and skills of others. Users get access to content that is tailored to individual circumstances and specifically addresses goals and skill gaps. Learn anytime, anywhere, at your own pace.

Who can use Fioro?


Fioro is designed for professionals of any kind, in particular knowledge workers. No matter whether you are a software engineer, data scientist, architect, consultant, lawyer, graphic designer, physician or political analyst - if your work requires frequent communication, creative problem-solving, strategic thinking or salary negotiation, Fioro is for you.

How does Fioro work?


Fioro offers an immersive and fun learning experience. Each lesson features a soft skill strategy, at an average of 10 minutes per lesson. You can learn on your own terms—in bite-size pieces or in a single binge. Interactive role-plays, personalized content and real-life examples will make you feel like you’re in the actual moment, however with the benefit of a coaching environment where you can repeat and get feedback at your own pace.

What are soft skills?


Soft skills are interpersonal and thinking skills needed to interact successfully with people and to perform efficiently and effectively in the workplace.

Why should I use Fioro instead of LinkedIn Learning?


Soft skills are formed and mastered through active application in different contexts. And similar to muscles, they deteriorate if they are not continuously trained. LinkedIn Learning might offer valuable content, but successful interaction is hard to learn through watching videos only - therefore, Fioro offers a practical course that emphasizes continuous and active learning.

What type of device / browser do I need?


You can view classes on any internet-enabled device, on any modern browser.

How can I get access to Fioro?


Please write us an email using the contact button at the top of the page.