Introducing Fioro

TLDR: Introducing Fioro - an AI-driven solution offering a personalized way for professionals to master valuable soft skills. If you are interested in joining early and influencing the direction of Fioro, join our free early access program here.

Soft skills are highly valuable

Soft skills are economically valuable and sought-after by companies. The better professionals are at articulating their ideas, making the case for a creative solution or negotiating for a compromise, the higher their chances to progress in their career and increase their compensation.

But the benefits of soft skills go beyond a purely financial impact. Being able to independently think, communicate and collaborate is transferable across jobs and more resistant to automation than most hard skills. Investing in those skills provides the foundation to achieve professional goals and experience a fulfilling, successful career. This will pay dividends in the form of personal development, quality of work and reduced stress.

Good coaching is scarce

Learning soft skills is difficult - it requires attention and feedback in order to improve. To do that, executives and leaders have coaches. Most other professionals do not have anyone who is in their corner to grow their career because available coaching options are inconvenient, impersonal or unaffordable.

Getting coached in person is time intensive, needs scheduling and can be very expensive. Even if a coach is highly qualified and can adjust to how a student learns, no coach can adjust to all the ways people like to learn. Current digital content is one-size-fits-all and allows only for passive information intake, making it incredibly hard to actively practice new skills. Effectively coaching someone involves discussing goals, observing their interactions, engaging in role-playing scenarios and setting aside time to address any skill gaps.

This begs the question: How can we help more professionals to acquire soft skills and make progress in their careers?

The promise of AI to foster human potential

AI opens up the possibility to offer a new form of coaching. It has the potential to make access to individual tutors a reality for everyone. That is why we decided to start Fioro. The new paradigm of human-computer-interaction via natural language prompted us to envision what it means to cultivate an individual’s soft skills in an enjoyable and highly efficient manner.

Here’s how we are going about it:

  1. AI-native: technology now allows to simulate real-life interactions and provide users with high-quality guidance and insights from individual conversations on a large scale. Recent progress in AI and audio processing has made this possible.
  2. Interactive and fun: we emphasize continuous and active learning. Skills are formed and mastered through active application in different contexts. And similar to muscles, they deteriorate if they are not continuously trained.
  3. Personalized and on-demand: to ensure coaching is accessible to many, we should not have to rely on a coach with limited time and information and a style that doesn't fit everyone. Instead, we aim to deliver content that is tailored to individual circumstances and specifically addresses goals and skill gaps. Fiori allows any professional to access top-notch coaching without being constrained by the availability and skills of others.

We have launched an early access program and started to work with users to help them foster their potential. If you are interested in joining early and influencing the direction of Fioro, join our free early access program here.

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